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  • Hot Melt Systems
  • Cleaning Emulsion



We can offer almost the entire range of roller coverings for the textile, foil and paper industry as well as the printing industry.


Our services can cover the entire chain from the analysis of a presented problem through consulting, process and material development and up to production and delivery according to customer's needs.


The range of products includes the following materials:

  • cork,
  • natural rubber,
  • synthetic rubber,
  • KMC (synthetic rubber and modified copolymerisate caoutchouc),
  • felt plush flock,
  • foam,
  • PVC,
  • silicone,
  • polyurethane,
  • special products.


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HIP-MITSU, an Italian company, is one of the most qualified producers of hot melt adhesive and calendering coating machines, systems and equipment for hot melt adhesives.


Modular solutions are suitable for applications from 0,3 up to 6.000 mm coating width, all speeds and adhesive coating weights, for continuous and intermittent applications.


With over 1.900 machines successfully installed in 38 countries and diverse industrial fields enabled Hip-Mitsu to bring together a vast amount of experience that is transferred to the customers through their every product.


Hip-Mitsu offers equipment, machines, systems and turn-key lines for web-coating and laminating with hot melt adhesives for:

  • Adhesive coating,
  • Foam lamination,
  • Labels and labelstock,
  • Multi-layer lamination,
  • Non-woven coating and laminating,
  • Film lamination,
  • Tapes,
  • UV coating and laminating,
  • Membrane lamination,
  • Technical textile lamination,
  • Sheets and boards coating and lamination.


Hip-Mitsu product portfolio includes:

  • Melters and Drum melters,
  • Slot dies for hot melt,
  • Laminators for hot melt,
  • Automatic guns lines and dot application,
  • Automatic guns spray and spiral application,
  • Calenders,
  • Converting turnkey lines low-speed, high-speed and narrow webs,
  • Turn-key retrofit of existing lines.


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Cleaning emulsion for machines in plastic coating and plastic finishing industry.


Main advantages of cleabrasol cleaning emulsion are the following:

  • inexpensive and economical,
  • without inorganic solvents,
  • can be applied to hot surfaces,
  • for plastic and textile processing machines,
  • removal of plastic residues before changing materials or colours in extruders for processing of thermoplastics and injection moulding machines,
  • cleaning of machine parts and tools for processing of thermoplasts, e. g. calender rollers, gelling rollers and heating rollers,
  • useful for derusting of metal parts.


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Expanding the Portfolio


We are constantly looking for new partners to help us grow our portfolio of solutions and to help our partners reach their end customers on the field.

If you are in need of a local B2B partner for ex-Yugoslavian countries, don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.